Exacq - The Safe Return to Work

Sunday - 01/08/2021 19:58
Exacq - The Safe Return to Work

You’ve kept people safe and healthy by having them work from home. Now it’s time to keep them safe and healthy as they come back to your buildings.

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the way we live and work today. Office spaces have been remodeled, business policies have been overhauled, and security ecosystems have been revamped. As people return to the office, employees are counting on their management teams to take the necessary precautions. Combining new office protocols with smart technology will be the formula for long-term, sustainable success.


Mask detection AI

Prevention is better than a cure, so we designed solutions that potentially stop problems before they even reach your walls. Automatically monitor and search for “No Mask Detected” events so security personnel can quickly mitigate any potential breaches by receiving automatic alerts.

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Temperature screening

Using thermal cameras to scan for elevated skin temperatures as staff and visitors enter the building is an unobtrusive way to strengthen the barriers of protection. Receive alerts or deny access when someone shows signs of elevated skin temperature.

Frictionless access

Limit touch points with a hands-free access control solution. Built using Tyco AI facial recognition software Illustra Insight integrates with C•CURE 9000 to offer a fast, hygienic, and contactless way for authorized people to smoothly move around buildings.



Contact tracing

Designated health screening areas are the new norm as buildings re-open. Having the flexibility to restrict access to certain doors until personnel have successfully passed a health checkpoint provides an optimal solution. Close proximity contagion reports can be run if someone with an elevated skin temperature has been identified.


Occupancy management, crowd formation, non-compliance ID and more

Our smart buildings are made to think using AI-powered analytics to deliver occupancy and crowd formation alerts for social distancing management, mask detection, and PPE non-compliance identification. Even the power to reidentify and track people of interest and those who may seek to flaunt safety measures and the safety of others is handed to you through this smart system. Tyco security solutions are changing the way we think about security and safety and how we interact with buildings. We deliver integrated, intelligent spaces by fusing our best-in-class product portfolio and services.

Contact us to get the right video surveillance and security solutions to best meet your needs.

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