GKB Security Solutions

Giải pháp GKB Professional IP cung cấp một pháp giám sát qua mạng toàn diện về hình ảnh và quản lý theo hệ thống an ninh lớn.

GKB Security Solutions

GKB Professional IP Solution delivers a comprehensive network-based surveillance solution for video collection and management required by large and multi-site security installations.

The GKB Professional IP Solution solves the challenges of monitoring, controlling and managing hundreds of surveillance cameras with GKB Cloud NVR, GKB Envoy™ software and self-networking GKB Diplomat™ IP cameras.

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GKB Professional IP Solution is an ideal solution for large-scale and multi-site customized requirements of banks, airport, railway station, university campuses, retail chains and more.

GKB Professional IP Solution Advantages:

  • All provided software modules are free and integrate to each other.
  • Management done on Cloud with only user name and password.
  • Self update system for NVR software and IP cam firmware.
  • Cloud philosophy remote access and playback on remote recording devices.

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