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Giải Pháp Giám Sát Công Nghệ Kỹ Thuật Số

Pivot3 vSTAC Converged Storage and Compute Appliances

The Pivot3 vSTAC® product family delivers seamlessly converged, highly available shared storage and virtual server appliances that are purpose-built for modern virtual server and data workloads.

Pivot3 ships pre-configured and tuned vSTAC appliances for different target solutions including virtualization, video surveillance and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Pivot3 is the global market leader in IP SAN storage for video surveillance. The vSTAC Watch and vSTAC Data provide the backbone for over 400 video surveillance installations running open platform video management software and cameras.

The latest addition to the product family, vSTAC VDI or “View in a Box,” provides virtual desktop infrastructure for VMware View deployments.  P Cubed VDI starter appliance, pre-configured with all the necessary software, deploys up to 100 virtual desktops in under an hour.

Browse Pivot3 Solutions for:

  • 60 minute deployment model
  • Pay as you grow appliance model
  • Dynamic load balancing simplifies configuration and maintenance


  • Plug and play appliances add capacity seamlessly and dynamically
  • Delivers massively parallel scale-out performance
  • Supports high density virtualization workloads
  • Patented storage and server protection


  • Maximize uptime with self-healing appliances
  • Reduce power and cost by up to 40% with virtual design


Surveillance users are running up against hard power and cooling limitations as they record more cameras, introduce higher resolution cameras, and lengthen video retention times. Simply adding conventional servers and storage means that power and cooling needs to grow linearly with camera requirements. 

The Pivot3 STAC introduces an innovative storage-centric approach where server applications share storage hardware resources to reduce overall power and cooling. Since NVR servers generally drive 50% of power and cooling requirements, the benefits of eliminating physical servers are immediate.

Whether the application is a small county jail looking to store 30 days of video using 2 servers or a large airport with 1200 cameras and 20 servers, the Pivot3 savings from replacing physical servers with virtual servers are immediate and long-term.

Browse Pivot3 Solutions for:

  • Gaming
  • Public Safety
  • Retail
  • Transportation

Pivot3 offers an alternative to separate physical storage and server stacks that must be managed, supported and scaled independently. The Pivot3 storage and compute STAC integrates virtual servers into a high-performance scale-out SAN to consolidate infrastructure, simplify management and reduce cost.

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