Infinova HighSpeed PTZ Infinova HighSpeed PTZ NEW! V1492N-N Series Integrated High-speed IP PTZ Camera System S000069 INFINOVA 1 VND Số lượng: 10 cái

  • Infinova HighSpeed PTZ

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    NEW! V1492N-N Series Integrated High-speed IP PTZ Camera System

  • Three simultaneous video streams: Dual H.264 & Scalable M-JPEG
  • Up to 4CIF@ H.264/M-JPEG with 30fps@NTSC/25fps@PAL
  • Motion detection
  • Supports multiple ways to handle alarms, such as sending an email, and FTP upload
  • Multiple users access and configure parameters via Web Server
  • Remote PTZ control
  • Up to 254 Presets with labels, 6 programmable Tours, 4 programmable Patterns, 4 Auto-Pan, 1 Auto-Scan
  • 16 programmable zones with 16 characters each
  • Wide dynamic range on 36X
  • Window wiper, built-in heater, window defroster/defogger included
  • Operational in 90 mph wind conditions; withstanding wind velocity of up to 130 mph
  • IP66 environment rating
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