GKB VFDS Wins the 19th Taiwan Excellence Awards

Thứ năm - 03/12/2015 05:03
GKB Video Fire Detection System obtain the 19th Taiwan Excellence Awards
GKB VFDS Wins the 19th Taiwan Excellence Awards
Taichung, Taiwan | Jan 03, 2011 - GKB Security is proudly to announce its VFDS (Video Fire Detection System) wins the 19th Taiwan Excellence Awards. After undergone two month and four stages of rigorous evaluation, including “R&D”, “Design”, “Quality”, and “Marketing” aspects, GKB VFDS is recognized as the Taiwanese-branded product with not only innovative technology but also reliability and superior value to the customers.  
After received the prestigious Factory Mutual Approval (FM Approval) in mid 2010, afterward, GKB VFDS obtains the honor of Taiwan Excellence Award in end 2010. GKB VFDS is the unique solution adapted VID (Video Image Detection) technology to identify flame and smoke via surveillance detection technology.  The VFDS performs immediate visual verification with live video to protect high-ceiling and spacious area with fast detection.  It is ideal for applications such as warehouses, aircraft hangars, petrochemical plants, refineries, and many others. 
Taiwan Excellence products represent the most revolutionary, high quality, high value added products made by Taiwan. They epitomize Taiwan’s unique genius in using innovation to create added value in the design and manufacturing of leading-edge products. 
For more information, please refer to GKB website (www.gkbsecurity.com) or Taiwan Excellence official website (www.brandingtaiwan.org/TaiwanExcellence/en/). 

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