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FERMAX – BIOKEY- Bàn phím tuyệt vời
Biokey is the new generation biometric fingerprint control from Fermax, able to provide maximum reliablility, robutsness and adaptability.
 With capacitive fingerprint reader and a built-in proximity reader as standard issue ensuring total reliability.

Resistant in the toughest outdoor conditions, providing the same high performance outside as indoors. The capacitive sensor that reads the fingerprint can operate in environments with -10º to 55º C ambient temperature The outdoor panel is manufactured in extruded aluminium and anodized with an IP43/K07 guaranteed.
Intuitive use. Simply slide your fingertip continuously and uniformly over the horizontal metallic strip.
Biokey enables a flexible service allowing made-to measure projects and a flexible use through its built-in functions that can be activated and deactivate adapting the equipment to suit different specific needs.
Biokey can manage up to 4.500 users if working with one print per person and up to 2.970 users if two fingerprints per person are stored. The reader may be also used as presence control to record staff entry and exit schedules.

Management of large-scale installations gains in agility and precision with the support of this fingerprint reader  that can be installed incentralized mode, allowing management that includes, schedules, codes or user profiles.
The centralized installation will have a Central Unit that governs the whole setup. Managing up to 32 accesses simultaneously with a single Central Unit. Allowing up to 2.040 users if working with a CAC Central Unit. If an MDS Central Unit is chosen, it can support up to 1.020 users.
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