Industrial Transmission Solutions

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Industrial Transmission Solutions


Building Automation & Remote Control


NVR System Integration


Today there is a growing demand of deploying reliable and cost-effective IP video surveillance solutions in any public and / or private sector. In this context, the NVR systems become the industry standard for long term video archiving and storage. To fulfill the vertical market need of an optimized solution, the NVRs should be designed more intelligently and with reduced costs and maintenance time. 

The IP video recording provider designed an all-in-one NVR system by replacing the original external router and switch with a Korenix JetCard 5400-w embedded single board computer. The exclusive design of the embedded Linux computer with internal switch control pin header allows it to be easily connected with the video recorder in a compact rackmount chassis. Using its integrated LAN ports, the JetCard 5400-w acts as an industrial Ethernet switch while connecting to multiple devices, such as cameras, sensors etc., and storing all the collected information in the Network Video Recorder. As a result, no need occurs of using additional switching device, which obviously reduces installation costs.
The JetCard 5400-w brings even more flexibility to users, by allowing them to use the USB dongle for transferring wireless data to the desired control device.

Based on the windows system, the video recorder, which is in charge of video encoding & decoding, can integrate in it the JetCard 5400-w, a performance-optimized Linux-based system for IP video package transmission. The 2 operating systems can function perfectly without interfering one another’s operation. This benefits users, allowing them to choose the OS they want to use for their specific applications.

NVR System IntegrationThe complete layer3 routing functionalities of JetCard 5400-w are later being used for providing efficient management of extended network groups. Furthermore, the VPN allows administrators to use it as a gateway for establishing long distance and secured network connections over WAN while expanding their networking capabilities and reducing system costs.

With the supported -40~80oC wide operating temperature range, the embedded single board computers provide stable and efficient communication while enhancing network infrastructures and providing reliable video stream collection, recording and transmission in severe industrial environments.

Surveillance and Networking


The plans of security surveillance are already underway to ensure the safety of all people taking public bus in Spain. However, there are some challenges revealed: Firstly, there could be the extra costs of wiring for each IP camera since 4 IP cameras would be required in one bus. Secondly, the temperature in the cabinet is relatively high due to the heat generated from the plastic roof; therefore the commercial switches could have difficulty sustaining under the heating environment. 

Korenix has offered an ideal solution to the challenges above--- Industrial 5-port PoE switch JetNet 3705!
Simply connect IP cameras with PoE function to industrial PoE switch; hence the images acquired are transmitted via IEEE802.3af protocol to the central computer and be sent to the remote monitoring center via wireless access point. The employees / police stationed at the command center are able to view live video or instant images through any of the security cameras installed on buses.

Intelligent Traffic Control

ULTra Automatic Transportation System


Unpolluted green environment is now every society’s main concern. In this context, the new ULTRA transportation systems, implemented by the UK Heathrow Airport, are a great response to that crucial issue while providing fast, efficient services to the passengers. However, green environment is not the only concern for better life – surveillance in airport is another important factor for fighting terrorism, vandalism and building basics of a healthier and secure environment.

To fulfill the high quality and high speed video traffic requirements of airport security staff in these types of large networks, huge efforts need to be exerted.

Recently Korenix networking switches have been chosen to bring to life this tremendous project for raising the airport mobility and security to newer heights.

To provide a safer surveillance solution from road sites to the airport central room, the JetNet 5010G 7+3G-port Gigabit Managed Ethernet switches are being used. 3 dozens of these devices through the fast Ethernet ports collect the recorded video data from various encoders located in the control rooms as well as live video images from the JetNet 4706 series located in field sites. These 6-port PoE switches are used to power the IP cameras installed inside the ULTra cars and on the road sites where the power sources are inconveniently located. System integrators also benefit from the intelligent design of PoE switches to deliver up to 25W high power by forced powering mode to high-end demanding outdoor IP cameras, PTZ cameras, etc.

Automatic Transportation System Network ArchitectureThe 3 gigabit combo ports of JetNet 5010G allow extending the data transmission through fiber connections. In addition, using the MSR network redundancy technology, the gigabit switches form an extended redundant fiber network to ensure the great reliability and the high quality of the large bandwidth data transmission to the monitoring room with the uplink gigabit connection.  Furthermore, the LLDP and the JetView Pro Korenix NMS help users to automatically discover the networking devices in just seconds and efficiently remotely manage them from the control room.

Equipped with rugged IP31-grade aluminum enclosure and wide operating temperature, the JetNet 5010G and JetNet 4706 are the best solution to provide real-time and high-quality surveillance and monitoring to airport administration under unfavorable environmental conditions.

Power Distribution & Green Energy


The new trend of power plant automation is aiming to have good interoperability between a variety of electronic devices in the substation. When it comes to connect all equipments to each automated power system in one substation, it is not uncommon that different interfaces would be supplied by different manufacturers.

Difficulties then arise of integrating different systems with different interfaces. To solve this problem,
the power company in Lithuania chose Korenix JetCon 2401 converters for its versatile interface 3-in-1 RS232/RS422/RS485 in one port, great compatibility with various serial equipment, and the stable performance of logic matrix inside instead of microprocessor. Furthermore, JetCon 2401 supports Fiber Optic which is widely used to isolate and prevent the electrical interference or overvoltage among different serial devices, such as remote terminal units (RTU) or radio modems making JetCon2401 a truly reliable solution under the industrially harsh environments.

Mining and Utilities


Natural Gas is a new trend of clean energy, and it has become the mainstream power source for public transportation, household uses…etc in major metropolitans throughout the world. Reasons for adapting to Natural Gas from traditional sources of power such as Nuclear Power or Coal Power are for improving the polluted environments caused by or as a result of global warming, air pollution, chemical pollution, safety issues…etc. One of the most common and effective methods of transporting the Natural Gas is going through the underground pipelines because Natural Gas are flammable, explosive and destructive.

So, the way to ensure the reliability and safety passage of pipeline absolutely is to build a control system which is capable to monitor the conditions of distributive supporting equipments and gas pipeline systems. A gas distribution company which secures the transmission of natural gas across Czech Republic and delivers it to regional gas distribution companies, used JetNet 5010G in controlled gas delivery and regulation stations. Each station works automatically and it is on-line monitored from the central control room while several measured dates are stored in status server. The measurement units communicate via RS232 or RS422, where the JetPort 5601 or JetPort 5604 is used.

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