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High-performance VDI Starter Platform

Users can run over 100 virtual desktops on a P Cubed starter appliance. Scale VDI compute, storage and network resources linearly by adding vSTAC VDI appliances which host 125 desktops each. Storage performance is automatically load-balanced across appliances to ensure that virtual desktops receive the optimal resources, regardless of which appliance hosts the desktops.

High Availability

Enterprise class deployments, like VDI, demand data center caliber availability and performance. Simple to deploy and use, vSTAC VDI appliances meet these essential demands. Critical hardware and software resources are fully protected, shared and redundant. From dual power supplies and networking through to failover protected storage and vSphere HA, a Pivot3 vSTAC VDI deployment is both robust and reliable.

Speed VDI Trials

The vSTAC appliance model allows customers an opportunity to start with a low entry cost, single pre-configured appliance as a pilot and then add additional appliances dynamically as they scale out more production desktops. This means that there is no discontinuity in architecture from pilot to production and a predictable ROI.


Simple plug-and-play appliance model consolidates server and storage resources into a single hardware platform to reduce power, cooling, rackspace and cost over systems with separate physical servers and physical storage. Allows for simple future planning with the same cost basis as one hundred virtual desktops or ten thousand virtual desktops.

Overcome Storage as a VDI Barrier

VDI has a set of demanding storage requirements that can be daunting to administrators familiar with desktops and servers.  Pivot3 has found a way to bypass the steep learning curve on storage and avoid the heart-stopping investment required by over-provisioned conventional SAN or NAS systems. The appliance approach allows administrators to respond quickly to changing desktop demands in the field.

Advanced Architecture

Unlike other virtual storage appliances, the Pivot3 vSTAC VDI is not capacity or performance limited. The product has been designed from the ground up to provide for linear and seamless scalability and maximum capacity and performance throughput by eliminating the use of unnecessary meta-virtualization layers and data movement, as well as capacity draining file replication.

Proven Approach

The Pivot3 stackable appliance model has been proven in hundreds of customer installations and thousands of appliances where there has been a need to deliver a cost effective solution to a customer with little or no SAN storage expertise.

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