New Luxriot Evo version 1.14.1 is available!

Friday - 11/10/2019 14:10
New Luxriot Evo version 1.14.1 is available!
* Implemented font size adjustment for notification panel and thumbnail display settings
* Allowed different layouts for live and playback modes in Monitor application
* Added dewarp support for fisheye cameras archives in Portable Player
* Implemented digital outputs support for Evidence APIX-30ZDome/E3B and Apix-30ZDome/E3 LED EXT cameras
* Object speed detection improvements for Open VCA
* Implemented an option to close all message warning boxes for ‘Send event to client’ action
* Improved backing up of configuration databases: increased delay between attempts to copy locked pages of database, increased number of attempts to copy locked pages of database and added error codes for ZIP routines
* Added default bookmarks limit count (500000)
* HikVision DS-* models
* Dahua DH-SD8A440VI-HNI model
* Hanwha XNV-6012 model
* ENE Enexxis series
* Fixed edge recording support for Axis cameras
* Fixed OPC functionality on Recording servers
* B2 Zone Alarm triggered as A2 Zone Alarm on REDSCAN devices

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