How VIDEOTEC Helps You?

Tuesday - 12/11/2019 10:17
How VIDEOTEC Helps You?

How VIDEOTEC Helps You?
  • Explosion Proof Solution (Housing/Camera/Accessories)
Oil & Gas / Petrochemical / Power Plants / Chemical Plants 
  • Positioning PTZ Camera / Long Range Camera 
Transportation / Highway / City / Port / Perimeter Security 
  • Corrosive Proof Solution (Housing/Camera/Accessories)
Coastal / Marine / Bridge / Tunnel / Mining 
  • Outdoor Housings & Washing System
  • References

Super Compact Ex Fixed Camera

- Pricing Competitive
- Shorter Distance, wide angle (3x) / Indoor monitoring
- Light, easy to install

MBA : Ex-Junction Box

- With Videotec cameras
- Pricing very competitive
- Power supply/transformer/fiber

NVX : Compact corrosion proof camera

- Chemical plants | High Corrosion area
- Super light and low light performance
- Pricing
- Thermal Version – Temperature Alarm

ULISSE EVO: New PTZ camera by Videotec

- The new ULISSE EVO PTZ camera is another technologically innovative step forward in Videotec’s pursuit of increasingly high-performance and reliable video surveillance products.
- This new versatile PTZ camera offers performance, competitiveness and design at an unprecedented level.

ULISSE EVO: Delux Technology

- The ULISSE EVO is a super low-light FullHD 1080p camera with a 30x optical zoom, 60fps with Delux technology. It is capable of accurately pinpoint details in any scene day and night.
- The camera’s motion detection function, with privacy masking feature, allows intelligent management of areas and immediate raising of alarms if an unwanted intrusion is detected.

BENEFITS of the Delux Technology:

- Outstanding colour rendering Day/Night
- Superior light sensitivity in low-light  (0.006lux)
- Excellent noise reduction
- Motion detection function with privacy masking
- Multicast
- Speed proportional to zoom
- Developed end-to-end by Videotec

ULISSE EVO: Mounting solutions

- ULISSE EVO can be installed in different ways, even in the inverted position typical of the speed domes, using the large variety of brackets and adaptors available to satisfy every installation need.
- The brackets are also available with quick connectors for Ethernet/PoE, for power and I/O, which allow fast and easy operations in case of on-site intervention.


ULISSE EVO can be installed inverted, in the typical speed dome position.
The vertical rotation can  vary  from -40° to +90°.



Things and Advantages you need to know

- Lead time
- VMS Compatibility
- Certifications matter : ATEX/IECEx/UL/KC/CNEX…
- Type Approval - Lloyd's Register for offshore
- MVX / MMX – IP 69 and up +65 °C (70°C)
- Thermal focus
- Video Analytics introduced in Q2/Q3 2019
- Repair Center in HK









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