Benefits of Edge Analytics Camera

Friday - 13/09/2019 10:26
Benefits of Edge Analytics Camera
Edge Analytics Camera

Edge analytics refers to the approach adopted by companies towards data collection and analysis. So instead of waiting for the data to arrive at a centralized location or data store, it is analyzed by means of automated computation at the network switch or device.

As the Internet of Things or IoT gains momentum, edge analytics is becoming crucial for companies worldwide. The massive glut of data that gets collected over time is impossible to manage unless of course you have proper analytics algorithm in place.

Edge analytics can save time, though full efficiency can be attained only if you have a good edge analytics camera. The role of edge analytics varies depending on the type of algorithms used and the kind of data that needs to be analyzed. So, if you are using an edge analytics enabled camera in a highly sensitive area, the camera can be configured to trigger an alarm on any kind of unusual movement in the zone of coverage so as to alert the respective system operators or managers about the same. This kind of arrangement helps managers efficiently manage their facility.

Scalability is yet another benefit that is making edge analytics extremely popular. Despite the vast number of connected devices, organizations do not feel the strain of processing such high volumes of data. Edge analytics, which is nothing but built-in intelligence within the camera, helps reduce the processing load on the server. It empowers the network video recorders or the NVRs to perform more efficiently. It also offsets the additional cost of having on-board analytics since the network bandwidth and storage requirements are less stringent.

Edge analytics uses several algorithms to learn a particular situation and create alarms based on anomalies. Commonly used edge analytics include motion detection, loitering detection, wire cross detection, intrusion detection, abandon detection, loss detection, face detection, people counting, crowd density detection, crowd gathering detection, fights detection, queue length detection, customer focus detection, exceptional sound detection, etc. The specifications of the edge analytics camera should therefore be strong enough to capture such intelligent information.
All in all, edge analytics is great for all such organizations that wish to experience unhindered growth while enjoying unparalleled protection.

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