62 Airports across India chose Infinova Cameras

Friday - 31/05/2019 14:24
62 Airports across India chose Infinova Cameras
62 Airports across India chose Infinova Cameras
Infinova was the most preferred CCTV OEM by Airport Authorities of India to combat terrorism and increase security measures at Airports across India.
Over 6,000 Infinova video surveillance cameras, including high-speed PTZ domes, minidomes and fixed cameras, most of them with vandal-resistant day/night functionality are deployed across 62 Airports in India. About 38 Airports are deployed with Infinova Video Management Software V2217 and rest with Third Party Video Management Software. Since these cameras are ONVIF, they are able to communicate to a Third Party VMS. Some of the airport locations are also deployed with Infinova DVRs and switchers.

About 200 Infinova cameras have been deployed in early 2016, some for new airports and some for new phase requirements, at Cudappah, Jaipur, Pune, Lucknow, Vijaywada, Hubli Safdarjung Airports. The cameras are being displayed on Infinova Video Management Software V2217.
Infinova is also proud to have an installation base at AAI Headquarters in Delhi- Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan. More than 60+ Infinova Cameras have been deployed at the AAI headquarters, all working on Infinova Video Management Software V2217.
One of the largest airport deployments for Infinova cameras, was in 2012, at Chennai and Kolkata airports. Over 1,170 cameras have been deployed in these Airports to ensure Public Safety and Security. All the cameras are being displayed on a Third Party Video Management Software.
 The list below highlights names of the Airports where Infinova Solutions are deployed:
Tirupati | Agra | Agatti | Jaisalmer | Chandigarh | Dimapur | Gaya | Jamnagar | Jodhpur | Jorhat | Lengpui | Lilabari | Ludhiana | Mangalore | Nagpur | Patna |Shimla | Silchar | Texpur | Trichy | Vizag | Varanasi (Domestic) | Varanasi (International) | Jaipur (Domestic) | Jaipur (International) | Baroda | Coimbatore | Leh | Pune | Agartala | Bagdogra | Guwahati | Imphal | Dibrugarh | Ranchi | Ahmedabad (Domestic) | Ahmedabad (International) | Bhopal | Bhuj | Surat | Goa | Vadodara | Calicut | Trivandrum (Domestic) | Trivandrum (International) | Amritsar | Lucknow (Domestic) | Lucknow (International) | Udaipur | Srinagar | Jammu | Madurai | Cudappah | Vijaywada | Hubli | Safdarjung | Indore | Rajkot | Bhubaneshwar | Kolkata | Chennai | Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan (Corporate)
Infinova is a leading Global Security Products Manufacturer, headquartered in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, USA. Committed to technology, quality and reliability, Infinova delivers end-to-end Digital as well as Analog Surveillance Solutions.
With Infinova’s acquisition of a Canadian Based Surveillance Company March Networks in 2012, the combined ranking stands among the top 10 largest video surveillance security players in the industry.
Infinova has also acquired Swann Communications in 2014, an Australian company and is a pioneer in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solutions for both home and small businesses. Infinova Group thus offers solutions which are delivered across diverse industries worldwide.

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